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We are very grateful for all of our volunteers as they help so much and we are always looking to add more to our team.

If you have some extra time and would like to volunteer a few hours to a worthy cause, please contact Nancy Hallman, 519-743-9725

KW Sertoma Club Volunteers
KW Sertoma Volunteers

Viva Volunteers!
by Akbar Khan in 2002

Some people volunteer for freedom and fun
Some out of goodness of their heart
For many reasons, 1.3 million Canadians
Volunteer to do their part.

Very exciting,   Don’t you think?

Reaching out into our community

Every April there is a Daffodil fundraiser, to raise awareness

There are all kinds of walks, sports activities dances, bingos
and Volunteers Delivering meals

Looking after the elderly and sick

Around the clock, 365 days
through rain or shine or sleet.

Being Big Sister to a young girl or Big Brother to a little boy
Sharing, caring and understanding
Spreading love, comfort and joy

Fundraising for KW Sertoma Club
Volunteer for Christmas Miracle Sponsor a Child.
You willingly do so with a smile

So tonight we acknowledge your efforts
and in your honor proudly raise cheers
May God Bless you one and all


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