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Sertoma Foundation of Canada Scholarship:

Talia Kowelchuk received the cheque of $1000.00 from The Sertoma Foundation of Canada

Teresa Valenzano was a previous Sertoma Foundation of Canada Scholarship Recipient

A message from Teresa Valenzano

I am working towards becoming a speech-language pathologist, and now working with patients through my graduate training as a doctoral student, I have realized the importance of focusing on the patient and their perspective when providing care.  The Sertoma Foundation of Canada Student Scholarship, sponsored by the Kitchener-Waterloo Cl

ub, has helped me in my pursuit of my doctorate, providing me the opportunity to work alongside patients in my research, focusing on their speech and swallowing needs.  Because of this generous scholarship, I have been able to develop my skills as a clinician and a researcher, and have had the chance to attend international conferences that have strengthened my knowledge in speech and swallowing issues in various patient populations.  I am very honoured to have received this scholarship from the Sertoma Foundation, and am appreciative of all the great work that they do in serving the community.

Service to Mankind Award

Award given to Julie-Anne Wideman (K-W)

Sertoma of the Year Award

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